6 Secret tips to the best curly selfie!

6 Secret tips to the best curly selfie!

It’s wash day and you’ve got gorgeous curls you want to show off to the world! Not sure how to master that curly-girl-selfie? Follow these handy tips and get snapping!


  1. Always use natural light, because the sun kisses your hair like no other. Face the sunlight for the best exposure. 
  2. No one’s face is perfectly symmetrical, which means one side of your face may look better in selfies than the other side. Figure out which is your best side, and use it!
  3. Try a few different facial expressions. Laughing always looks beautiful! Remember that trying to be too sexy in your selfies doesn’t come across as well as true happiness does. 
  4. Pick a good angle. Holding your cell phone too high or too low can distort your face.
  5. Create volume by fluffing out the roots with your fingers or an afro pick. Remember your hair has to be 100% dry before doing this.
  6. When editing your selfie on Instagram, play with the contrast, brightness and vignette individually, before you consider using a filter. You might decide you don’t even want to use a filter because you look so good!


We love seeing your pics on our social media platforms! Send us your gorgeous curly hair selfies, tag us and #JourneyToCurly, so we can share in your glory!


We found this awesome video on how to take the perfect curly hair selfie!


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