Super-size Curl Definer Set

This combo is a 4-bottles super performant product care combination that will give you 100 different reasons to fall in love with your curls.Super-charge your natural definition with our products for curly hair

What's in the Curl Styling Combo?

Product Ingredients


This products are suitable for most hair types including fine to very course hair textures.The products are made to compliment the seasons and temperaments of the South African climate.


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What's in the Combo

Come Clean Gentle Cleanser

Perfect for wavy and fine hair as an everyday wash and for curly, coily and coarse hair as a once a month wash to remove product build up.

While mild it still delivers a fresh and clean scalp and leaves your hair soft and manageable.

Think of this as the starter in our 5 course curl feast.

Mint To Be Peppermint Cowash

The Mint to Be Peppermint Cowash is an alternative to the Come Clean Gentle Cleanser this powerhouse of cleansing and conditioning action was made for curlies and coilies as your go-to shampoo replacement.

It does not foam and it moisturises and hydrates the hair while cleansing. In fact, some people can actually start the detangling process here. It has a beautiful fresh minty fragrance that helps transform your curls.

One & Only Creamy Conditioner

The mane attraction... think of this as super creamy luxurious superfood for your hair. Packed with moisture this is an oasis in the desert of dry and brittle hair.

This can be used 3 ways (talk about value) as a traditional rinse off conditioner, a leave-in conditioner and as a hydrating moisture packed mask.

Crème da la Curl Crème

The #1 Curl Crème in the natural hair community, the Crème de la Curl Crème is a curl enhancer and styler that will help you achieve curls like never before. It will leave your curls soft, shiny and with lasting definition.

It can be used to style wet hair or you can add some to your spray bottle for refreshing your curls on day 2 or 3.

Hold Me Baby Curly Hair Gel

Hold Me Baby Curly Hair Gel

This curly hair gel has a lovely smelling citrus fruit smell, infused with added chia to give that extra hydration and definition to your curls for longer while the flax seeds give your curls that lovely gloss and prevents frizz.

With a medium hold it won't leave your hair with that wet look, unless you are down with that (then skip the scrunching out the crunch step).