10 Tips to Minimise Frizz

Frizz is the frustration of any wavy, curly and coily. That hair nemesis that seems to creep up on you the day you have a big event, celebration or insta photoshoot planned (yes, those are a thing).
"Why????? you scream to the hair fairies "Why me? Why now?"
Did you know that there are different types of frizz?
  • Surface frizz is frizz you get only on the outside of your hair (not underneath).
  • Halo frizz is only on the crown of your head but doesn’t appear elsewhere.
  • In-the-curl frizz kills the look of smooth curls as it frizzes its way through them.
Regardless of what kind of frizz you have, the underlying cause is usually the same: a raised cuticle layer. As a result, the hair looks dry and frizzy instead of laying flat. When your cuticle layer is flat your hair appears smoother.
There are certain other factors that can cause your frizz to be even worse. While frizz is a reality for curlies, it can be made worse by certain factors. We went ahead and listed some, below.
1. Styling with extreme heat
Followers of the Curly Girl Method (and IntrinsiCurly Me's own philosophy) will know that this is a curly hair no no. Styling with heat can “cook” hair fibres and lead to raised cuticles and porous hair. Using heat too often or at high temperatures can make your hair more prone to damage.
If you can't handle air-drying and you want to use a diffuser make sure to use low-speed, medium heat and the 'hover' method to dry those babies.
2. Incorrect washing techniques
Frizz fighting starts at the washing and conditioning stage. If your washing and conditioning technique is too rough you may be increasing frizz even though your hair is wet. Focus on smoothing down the cuticles as you wash and condition, by using a downwards 'milking' motion you are encouraging that cuticle to lie flat. The result? Less frizzy smoother looking curls.
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3. Sulphates and drying alcohols
No. Just no.
Sulphates are harsh cleansing agents which strip the hair of its natural oils,  while drying alcohols do just that.. they dry the hair of its essential (much needed) moisture. Luckily for you IntrinsiCurly Me products contain no sulphates, silicones, parabens or drying alcohols. If you are coarse haired, curly or coily our Mint To Be Peppermint Cowash is a great idea for you as it is a non foaming hydrating cleanser which helps to moistures your hair. Trying to wash less often is also a great idea if you can manage it.
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4. Damaged ends
If you've been bleaching, straightening or relaxing your ends may be damaged. Split and damaged ends are frizz's best friend. While you can nourish and moisturise a trim or haircut is sometimes the only solution. Read our previous blog post to learn all about The Big Chop.
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5. Terrycloth towels
A terrycloth towel (aka a regular towel) has a rough texture which is too harsh for your delicate curls. Invest in IntrinsiCurly Me's Scrunching Microfibre Towel to gently scrunch out that water after your warm-not-hot shower.  The towel helps to smooth down the cuticles and enhance the clumps so it drastically reduces frizz.
6. Touching your hair too much
IntrinsiCurly Me fans will know our golden styling rule NO TOUCHY TOUCHY while your hair is drying. In fact we insist that you wait until your hair is 150 % dry (it's so serious we invented a new number) before you scrunch out the crunch. Touching, even when dry, breaks up your curl pattern and leads to increased frizz.
7. Brushing
No brushing ever. Brushing not only breaks up the curl pattern but in drier climates it can lead to static which is like frizz on an energy drink. 
Dry and wet brushing also stretch the hair causing the cuticles to be raised and jip, you guessed it.. this leads to frizz.
Rather use your fingers to detangle when your hair is wet and has conditioner on it, it's kinder to your strands and will lead to much less frizz. 
8. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase
Cotton pillowcases leech the moisture from your hair and skin. The weave of the pillowcase is also too rough for those fragile curls so we advise using a satin pillowcase which allows your hair to gently glide over the top of it reducing friction, tangles and frizz and keeping your curls intact. It helps with wrinkles too so it's a double win. 
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9. Water temperature
We know it can be a comfort after a long day or a cold morning but super hot water can strip your hair of the natural oils that keep it moisturised and shiny. Try and ease that water temperature to warm and (even better) end with a cold water rinse. Wim Hof method here we come!
10. Protein or Moisture Overload
If you don't have the balance of moisture and protein right in your routine you could be aiding that frizz. Over-moisturised hair will feel very soft, lack definition and may experience a lot of wet frizz. This will then translate into soft, mushy frizz when hair is dry.
An overload of protein can happen after a heavy protein treatment that wasn’t needed, or through regularly using styling products that contain lots of protein. This can result in dry, frizz and hair that feels like straw. Some hair is more sensitive to protein than others, so it's important to listen to and understand your own hair.
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  • Lavenia

    Huge thank you for the tips. It was very helpful.

  • Katrina

    Thanks for these tips. I always had very curly and frizzy hair. With over tinting, straightening with iron and recently medication for an over active thyroid, I have not only lost a lot of hair, I have lost a lot of the curl and only have “The Frizz” left!

  • Louise

    I followed your advice to do my natural girly hair and it did worked
    Thank you so mush

  • Janell Snyman

    Awesome, so much great info in a nutshell!!🤩🤗

  • Hayley

    I am interested in your products… I have just done an Brazilian and hate the straightness of hair… Will your oricts support me getting my curls back

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