The "Clean Slate" Method

Using Our Products For The First Time:

Before you can begin using IntrinsiCurly Me, you will need to remove all build up from silicones and waxes which may already exist on your hair.

We call this the IntrinsiCurly Me “Clean Slate Method”.



  1. Wet Your Hair: Start by thoroughly wetting your hair with warm water, making sure that it is sopping wet.

  2. Apply: Using the applicator nozzle, apply the Just To Clarify Clarifying Shampoo to your scalp.

  3. Massage: Using your fingerpads or an Exfoliating Scalp Massage Brush, gently massage the shampoo into your scalp in a circular motion. Work the product into your scalp for about 2 - 3 minutes.

  4. Lather: Work the product through your hair from your roots to your ends. Adding more water and more product if needed, then emulsify. Continue washing ensuring your hair remains sopping wet as you go. Wash for 2-3 minutes to thoroughly remove dirt and buildup.

  5. Rinse: Rinse your hair thoroughly with clean water.

  6. Repeat, If Desired: If you feel like your hair needs an extra dose of clarifying power, you can repeat the shampooing process. If it didn’t foam the first time it’s a good indication that you need another wash. If you’re trying to remove silicones from your hair a second wash is needed.

    ** Optional Step for Very Dry & Tangled Hair: If you're struggling with exceptionally dry or knotted hair, we suggest you add this step. Rather than proceeding directly to the conditioning phase (step 7), do a secondary wash with the Mint To Be Peppermint Cowash. Using your fingerpads, apply the Cowash by gently working the product through your hair in a downward milking motion. This step is specifically for individuals experiencing extreme dryness or challenging knots, aimed to significantly boost moisture levels.

  7. Deep Conditioning: Because clarifying shampoos are so effective in removing buildup and impurities, your curls may feel a bit dryer after washing. To keep your curls in tip-top shape, we highly recommend treating them to a deep conditioning session using our One & Only Creamy Conditioner. Click here to read our Blog Post on Deep Conditioning. This step will ensure your curls stay soft, hydrated, and absolutely fabulous.



This process is done as your FIRST WASH, thereafter you should use the Just To Clarify Clarifying Shampoo as needed depending on your curl type and haircare routine. Click this link to read more about How Often and When to Clarify Your Curls.

For more information on our general washing, conditioning and styling techniques AFTER you complete the IntrinsiCurly ME “Clean Slate Method” follow the link below at the end of this method.


You have just finished the IntrinsiCurly Me "Clean Slate Method” for first-time users.

For the rest of your journey to curly, follow our IntrinsiCurly Me "3 Step" Method.