Forms an S when stretched – Tightly coiled, kinky hair

Your curls could range from S-Shaped coils to Z-Shaped kinks. Your hair length is drastically reduced by the tightness of your coils and is prone to dryness and breakage. Your hair could also range between soft, dry, coarse and even wiry and requires lots of moisture. The cuticle of the hair is wide open so your hair isn’t able to retain moisture as well as type 2 and 3. In other words your hair is thirsty.

Your tightly coiled curls are springy and shrink quite a lot. You might find your curls manage retain moisture but need very regular hydration. Your coils are about the size of a crochet needle.

Your coils are not very uniform, you find them less defined, kinky and they bend into more of a Z-shape. You will have lots of shrinkage, dryness and your hair will damage easily. Your hair needs a deep infusion of protein and hydration.

Your coils are tight and dense with kinks and angles which cause drastic shrinkage. Your hair is delicate and needs protection from dryness and breaking. Hydration is absolutely key to managing your curls.

24 products

24 products