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"This shampoo is glorious and smells like angel's breath. I am rewarded with spunky, lekker curls when I bathe my curls in this elixir made of the finest leprechaun's gold, stirred by ancient Indian elders in only a clockwise direction. Magical."

- Rhode B


Happy hydrated Curls! On my transition to natural hair and I’m not turning back!

I’ve been using IntrinsiCurly me for 3 months. I'm so incredibly happy with my results!

Rachna G.

The curl crème makes my hair silky soft, curls bouncy with minimum frizz.

The product smells lovely and natural.

Totally happy with the purchase.

Elizabeth L.

It's great to have found a brand who knows what it means to have curly hair.

To add, a brand who gets that not all curls are the same - finally, someone gets it!

Marinella A.

I started using these products at the beginning of lockdown and its so so amazing. I have fallen in love with the ICM range, the Curl Crème are indeed the best, it will enhance your curls like no other.

Definitely value for money.

Lindie P.

First came across ICM at a hair salon at the beginning of my natural hair journey and just had to have it.

Using these products gives me the juiciest curls ever!!!

Thank you for your amazing products!!! Love love love!!

Lynn-Lee D.

I can finally dry my curls without blowing them away!! Hahaha .. Curls are more defined now! 😍

Thanks so much! Looking forward to purchasing more curl products from you guys. xx

Dynamics M.

I have been away from this product for a small spell.. Silly silly me...

I am so happy to be back. My hair loves nothing more..

Melissa C.

I have tried so many products and have finally found one thats perfect for me.

Michele V.

Easy to use, great hair feel. Curls feel light and bouncy, no product build up.

Just over all amazing!

Shahana H.

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Is your hair curly but full of frizz?
Do you struggle with dry hair or scalp? Are you looking for more definition?

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Coily Hair (Type 4)

Are your coils constantly thirsty?
Do you struggle keeping them moisturised? Are you looking for a solution that will keep your hair & scalp healthy?

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