Defined S shape – Corkscrew

Curly hair forms ringlets, loops, spirals and curls which can become really dry from our natural oils struggling to reach down through the curls. You might find your hair reacts badly to any change in climate. The hair cuticle for type three is lying ajar allowing moisture and nourishment to escape fairly easily. These products will deeply condition your hair and create more defined and nourished curls. –

You have big loose curls about the size of a cork and some runaway curls which are all stretched out. Your spirals and loops might not want to hold with heat or changing weather conditions and your goal is to get them all looking the same amount of springy.

Your springy curls are like corkscrews with tighter finger sized ringlets. Your curls will add volume, recoil and bounce back when stretched out. You might have a mixture of textures but with our formula you will soon have curl control.

You have what is referred to as curly-coily hair which springs back beautifully when stretched out, this also means you will have some shrinkage. Your voluminous tight corkscrew curls are the size of a pen and you might be prone to extreme dryness and breakage.

25 products

25 products