6 Back To School Tips for Curly Kids

Are you a mom or dad with a curly-haired kid? Having curly hair can be a challenge, especially when it comes to styling it for school. From frizz to tangles, you may feel like you’re at a loss when it comes to getting your child’s hair to look neat and tidy.

Here are 6 things to consider when styling your child’s curly hair for school.

1. Make sure to prep the hair properly. When it comes to styling curly hair, less is more. Cleanse thoroughly with the Mint To Be Peppermint Cowash or the Come Clean Gentle Cleanser. Avoid overloading the hair with too much product as this can lead to a heavy, greasy look.

2. Skip the brush! Brushing, especially when the hair is dry, can severely damage curly hair. Instead, get into the habit of finger detangling the hair with our One & Only Creamy Conditioner in the bath the night before. This will not only save time, but also help to keep the hair hydrated and make it easier to style in the morning.

3. Using a diffuser on your blow dryer can save so much time. A diffuser helps to maintain the integrity of the curl while also reducing the amount of heat directly applied to the hair. Always diffuse on a low to medium heat, never on high. Click here to check out our Universal Collapsible Silicone Diffuser. 

4. When using a towel to dry the hair, opt for a towel specifically made for curly hair such as our Microfibre Scrunching Towel. Do not rub their hair with the towel, instead lightly squeeze or plop their hair with the towel to absorb excess moisture. This will help keep their delicate curls in shape.

5. Protect your child's curls at night. Using a Satin Pillowcase, a Curl Protector Buff or a Satin Sleep Bonnet will drastically reduce frizz and make styling a breeze.

6. Keep it simple. Choose a style you know you can execute well that won't take too long. Braids, twists, ponytails and high buns are quick and easy. Don't forget: accessories are your friends! Use a headband or a few clips and the Hold Me Baby Curly Hair Gel to smooth down and to pin back any flyaways. When choosing accessories, look for products that will not damage the hair such as soft satin scrunchies and spiral or coil hair ties. Remember not to pull the hair back too tightly as this can cause damage and pull out the curl pattern.

Teaching your child how to properly care for their curls is so important and can become a special bonding routine your child enjoys.
With a little extra care, your curly-haired kid's mane can look and feel healthy throughout the school year.

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