Become a Curl Cutting Expert

Are you looking to UPSKILL, get MORE CLIENTS and INCREASE your turnover?

Imagine being a curly cutting expert: Being booked a month or two in advance with curly clients desperate to sit in your chair.

NOW is your chance to learn from the Curl Whisperer - Karen Van Wyngaard herself!

Karen will be running a "One Curl at a Time" dry cutting course soon.
She's the only stylist in South Africa to be trained by Lorraine Massey and certified in the Deva Cut.
She will be sharing her expert knowledge with you so that you can become an INDUSTRY LEADER with the skills to whip any wave, curl or coil into shape.

Spaces are limited so don't wait!

If you are serious about curls you can't miss this amazing opportunity.

Complete this form to get more information or apply NOW!

If you are not a stylist please send this link to your favourite stylist so that they can learn from the One & Only Karen van Wyngaard.

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