Let's Talk About Protein & Moisture

Let’s Talk about PROTEIN & MOISTURE 💦 

So, you might be wondering what protein-moisture balance really means. Let me explain: Protein-moisture balance means that your hair has the right amount of hydration, nutrients, and strength to keep it from breaking.

Finding this balance can be tricky because too much of either may cause issues.

How do you know if you have too much of either?

✨ Too much #protein and your hair can literally S N A P off. It can turn brittle and dry. Think of your hair as an uncooked noodle!

  • Hair breaks and snaps off easily whether wet or dry
  • Feels rough, brittle, straw-like, or tough
  • Stretches very little or not at all 

💦 Too much #moisture and your hair can S T R E T C H and feel mushy. Think of your hair as an overcooked, wet noodle!

  • Hair is extremely elastic, it stretches and stretches for days
  • Feels soft, limp, or ‘mushy’ especially when wet
  • Hair doesn’t ‘hold’ its curl or style well 

How do you know if your hair is balanced?

Your hair should stretch slightly but return to normal without breaking. You shouldn’t have too much trouble holding a style or retaining curls. Lastly, you should see little to no breakage or damage. The easiest way to test this is to pull a few strands of your hair down and release it. If your hair bounces back to its original length, that's great! Your hair is in good shape. If it breaks more than usual when you stretch it, you may have too much or not enough protein. If you stretch it and it feels weak and limp, you may have too much moisture. 

Never fear when IntrinsiCurly Me is here.

To keep from stressing about protein vs. moisture, ensure that you are using a product that is very well B A L A N C E D

IntrinsiCurly Me products contain ingredients that are well-balanced and will keep your hair in tip-top shape, so you won’t need to worry about whether you are using enough, or possibly too much of either.


  • Moaaza

    I started the curly journey 4 months ago. I colour my grey roots every 4 weeks. But recently, I changed my hairdresser and my hair started falling out more. S now I started using Olaplex No.3 recently, and started deep condition once a week. What else can I do?

  • Lebo Ledicia

    Thank you for sharing this information your the best

  • Lebo Ledicia

    Thank you for sharing your the best

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