Let's Talk Clarifying

What is clarifying?
Simply put, it is removing 'build up' from your hair. Whether it is your hair's natural oils or haircare products themselves. Without regular clarifying your hair starts to feel weighed down and your products don't work like they used to as the 'build up' on the hair shaft stops them from penetrating.
You should clarify if:
  • Your hair feels like it has excess product on it even after washing.
  • Your hair becomes stringy.
  • Your hair feels dry even after using a moisturising conditioner like The One & Only Creamy Conditioner.
  • You have an itchy or flaky scalp.
  • You see a white residue on your hair.
  • Your roots get oilier quicker than usual.
  • Your hair looks dirty even after a fresh wash.
  • Your hair has no body or movement, almost like it is weighed down.
  • You experience increased frizz.
  • You have low porosity hair.
  • You have very fine hair.
How to clarify?
Use a sulphate free clarifying shampoo, while strong they target build up without stripping the hair completely.
Make sure to really work the clarifying wash into your hair with a massaging motion for a good 2-3 minutes. Elbow grease baby!
If you feel you need to, you can do a second wash.
Make sure to deep condition your hair after a clarifying wash however, as clarifying may leave it feeling dry.
How often should you clarify?
Every person's hair needs are different. This can depend on lifestyle, styling routine, porosity, texture etc. A good rule of thumb is once a month. Any more than that and you may start stripping away too much of your hair's natural oils which are essential for healthy hair.

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