The Big Chop

You've grown your hair since before instagram existed (yes, there was a time like that). You've also been blow drying and straightening ...because let's be honest it sometimes feels like that is the only time you see that growth. But now you've come over to the light side and realised your own natural curls are actually awesome and you want to embrace your natural hair and start your journey-to-curly.


You've heard the term 'The Big Chop' thrown around and you're wondering what it is and why take such drastic action? Essentially 'The Big Chop' or TBC is a cut to help you transition to natural hair. By removing all the hair that has been bleached, straightened, blow dried and/or relaxed your natural curl pattern can finally be revealed and set free.


It's not for everyone but if you choose to have TBC here are a few things to remember.

1. Go to a professional 

Curly cut specialists are specialists for a reason. They understand how different hair textures, curl types, face shapes and lifestyles will affect a cut. They can help you figure out how extreme you want your chop to be (not all chops are pixie cuts style crops) and manage your expectations on what to expect from your cut (unrealistic Pinterest images do you hear us?). If you do your big chop cut on yourself it could be uneven or weirdly shaped ... just don't, trust us.

2. Have a hair care routine

Having a hair care routine while you are figuring your new curl pattern out might seem counter-productive. After all you want to experiment to see what takes and what's a fake (for you). But you also have to give your hair some time to let you know what works and what doesn't. For example you might use the Come Clean Gentle Cleanser as a clarifier once a month or you might use it everyday or week (depending on how often you wash). Your routine doesn't have to be complicated, you just need to be consistent for at least a month to see how your hair reacts.

3. Don't fixate on your growth

We know it's hard but don't check your growth and length every day. It'll feel like you are getting nowhere and frustrate you. Rather take photos every couple of weeks and look back on them after a while, you'll be surprised at your growth.

4. Get some accessories

Some people feel lost without their long(er) hair. Suddenly they feel like they have lost some of their personality and even confidence. Accessories are a great idea to spice things up...scarves, clips, headbands, earrings, hats, bows and lipstick (if that's your thing - we're fans of a bold red).

5. Know your face shape

It's great to take some inspirational pictures along to your stylist but be realistic about your face shape and open to suggestions about what would suit you.

6. Be patient

Similar to not fixating on your growth figuring out what works for you won't happen overnight. Hair needs to be loved on and made to feel special, so don’t rush its flow. Through trial, error and our IntrinsiCurly Me blog and support group you'll figure out what works for you 😉

7.Know that you won't have it all figured out at once

Doing a chop is not only to cut your hair but to really find a different angle, a different perspective, a different feeling, a different view of your own beauty. It will test your fear of change. It’s growth. It’s taking a chance.

 8.Don't compare your journey (or your hair) to anyone else's

As much as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok , Pinterest (and whatever other social media you young 'uns are into) may be inspiring remember that in curls (and in life) we are all on different journeys.

Hair growth can be affected by previous history, genetics, texture, curl pattern, medication, growth stage, porosity, moisture and protein levels to name just a few. Just do you. The hair will come, we promise. 

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  • Hayley

    Thank you for the lovely info and advice. I wonder if there are any curly professionals in the Witbank area that will know how to cut

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