Tips to a Killer Selfie - For You and Your Hair

  1. Keep it clean - The number of insta-worthy selfies that flop because of a smudge on the lens is probably equal to the number of shoes in the Kardashians' closets. In other words ... a lot. Clean both your front and rear facing cameras with a soft cloth before you begin.
  2. Look for light before making your own - The rule of light is simply the bigger the light source the softer the light. Soft light is everyones' friend. But soft light doesn't mean no light. Try and stand facing a big window during the day and take a selfie. Now stand in a dark room and use your camera's flashlight. You should see a huge difference with the window light. Even better invest in a ring light if selfies are your thing, again the bigger the diameter the better the light. This is a game changer!
  3. Frame it baby -Pay attention to what is in the frame. In our case your juicy curls are the focus so try and stand in front of a plain or simple background. Best not to put your literal dirty laundry basket on display. Or do ... we don't judge.
  4. Wear a plain top - The simpler your top the more your picture will pop. Our new album dropping soon ;)  Also this is a family show so please wear something.
  5. Smile - Studies have shown that 100% of people who smile are happier than people who don't. Ok we don't actually know if that is true but it sounds like it should be. But seriously...don't be so serious, you want to show people how much you love those curls.
  6. The angel of angles- A slightly higher angle than eye level will help with that double chin if you have one, highlight your hair (the main event in this case)and make your eyes look bigger which is always a winner. Don't go too high as this can become forehead central. Tilt your chin towards the lens slightly to stop distortion.
  7. Pick a side -No one’s face is perfectly symmetrical, which means one side of your face may look better in selfies than the other side. Figure out which is your best side, and use it! 
  8. Big hair baby - Create volume by fluffing out the roots with your fingers or an afro pick. Remember your hair has to be 100% dry before doing this.
  9. Hang off on that filter - When editing your selfie on Instagram, play with the contrast, brightness and vignette individually, before you consider using a filter. You might decide you don’t even want to use a filter because you look so good!
  10. Take1 ..and 2 and 3 - You've heard the phrase "one take wonder"? Well that isn't always the case for the selfie game. It's great to take a few one after the other to get that perfect shot.
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