Competition Terms & Conditions

FAQ: April Fool's Spin-and-Win Giveaway (April 2024) 

🎡 1. How does the Spin-and-Win work?
To participate, simply enter your details on our website and spin the wheel to reveal your exclusive discount or free item.

🎡 2. What do I need to do after spinning the wheel?
After spinning, copy the generated code to your clipboard. This code is valid for 4 hours.

🎡 3. Can I use the discount code immediately after spinning?
Yes, you can use the discount code at checkout within the 4-hour window after spinning the wheel.

🎡 4. What happens if I win a free item?
If you win a free item, it is crucial to add that specific item to your cart before using the discount code during checkout.

🎡 5. How often can I spin the wheel?
Customers are entitled to one spin daily until the 30th of April.

🎡 6. Is there a minimum order requirement to use the discount code?
Yes, the Spin-and-Win discounts are available only for orders over R600.

🎡 7. Can I combine the Spin-and-Win discount with other promotions or discounts?
The Spin-and-Win discount cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts.

🎡 8. What if I forget to use the code within the 4-hour window?
Unfortunately, the code expires after 4 hours. You can spin the wheel again on the next day for another chance to win.

🎡 9. Is the Spin-and-Win Countdown Timer available for international orders?
The promotion is valid for both domestic and international orders as long as the order total is over R600.

🎡 10. Can I share my Spin-and-Win code with someone else?
The Spin-and-Win codes are unique to each customer and should not be shared. They are intended for individual use.

Feel free to contact our customer support if you have any further questions or encounter issues with the Spin-and-Win Countdown Timer. Happy spinning!