8 Things to Know If You Want to Colour Your Hair.

If you feel you need to mix your colour up a bit don't despair. There are ways to add some colour to your curls safely.
Some things to know if you do choose to colour your curls:



1. Go to a professional.  


Not only do they use professional products which will last longer but they can advise you on colour that will suit your skin tone and lifestyle. They also know what strength of products to use to cause the least damage to your hair. 


2. Rethink going lighter.                                                                                        


The closer you stay to your natural colour the less damage you will have. Most manufacturers of at home lighteners use the strongest products available. The combination of bleach and strong hydrogen peroxide can really play havoc with your curls, especially if you are using at home lighteners.                                                 

3. Skip washday.                                                                                                       


Don't wash your hair for a few days before you colour. Your hair's natural oils will help protect your hair and scalp.   


4. Chuck the conditioner that comes with the colour.    

If you are following the Curly Girl Method (and you really should be if you aren't) DON'T use the conditioner supplied with the colour. It contains silicones which will coat your hair and stop water from penetrating. We all know silicones are a no-no in the Curly Girl lifestyle.      



5. Deep condition like a boss.      


Make sure to deep condition with The One & Only Deep Conditioner well after applying colour, you may want to up your deep conditioning to once every 2 weeks for a while to add back some essential moisture. For more info on how to deep condition head over to this blogpost  https://www.intrinsicurlyme.co.za/blogs/intrinsicurly-me-blog/3-ways-to-use-the-one-and-only-deep-conditioner   


6. Give your hair a break from time to time.     


While regrowth is not the best look consider giving your hair a break every now and then. Choose a colour that is not a million shades away from your natural colour so that your regrowth is less noticeable. Alternatively choose a semi-permanent colour (or colour shampoo) that will fade over time rather than growing out in a solid line, meaning you aren't forced to recolour as often as you won't have a visible line of regrowth.   


7. Treat yourself (and your hair).       


 Go for regular Olaplex treatments, especially if you do go lighter.   


8. Be realistic.   


Know that certain colours like reds and fashion shades like green, blue, pink and purple will fade quickly even if applied by a professional. This means you may have to touch up more often or be happy with a more faded tone (which isn't necessarily a bad thing - pastels are super popular right now).












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