Deep Conditioning Combo

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"I've been following the Curly Girl Method for over 2 months now, and IntrinsiCurly Me has been my staple all the way through.  I love the balance between protein and moisture, which helps my hair shine!  The addition of the Bon-Bon heat cap has helped my weekly treatments work more effectively, saving me a lot of time!" - Melissa L.

Whether you are a wavy, curly or coily haired beauty this combo is for you if you want to moisturise your hair.

Perfect for winter dryness, the microwavable Bon Bon Deep Conditioning Cap combined with the One & Only Creamy Conditioner will help open your hair cuticles for maximum hydration deep into the hair shaft.

Get the Deep Conditioning Combo and make it a habit! 

This is ideally for:

  • Anyone who needs a moisture punch
The One & Only Creamy Conditioner and microwavable Bon Bon Cap are a hydration match made in curl heaven.
  • Anyone with wavy or fine hair types.
  • Anyone with coarse, curly and coily hair types.

This combo consist of everything you need to hydrate those curls:

  • 1x The One & Only Creamy Conditioner
  • Bon Bon Deep Conditioning Cap

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