Super Newbie Starter Pack

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ICM Unique Selling Proposition

"The start of my Curl Journey and these products were the first products that I bought and I don't¬†think I will be changing them. It makes your hair feel so soft and frizz free, I love it ūüėĀ" - Hayley W.

If you're just starting out and you want to make sure you have everything to set you off right on your curly journey then this starter pack is for you. 

Don’t have the patience for air drying and love big, sexy volume? Our Newbie Starter Pack is your go-to for getting those flat, frizzy curls back on track.

Great for wavy and fine hair with the Come Clean Gentle Cleanser and just as great for curly and coily hair with the Mint To Be Peppermint Cowash.

Then the Newbie Starter Pack is ideal to get your journey to curly started.

This is ideally for:

  • Anyone who is tired of undefined and fizzy waves, curls or coils.

Our proven 3-step programme will help bring some life and light back into those curls.

  • Anyone¬†who likes big, sexy volume and is not a fan of air drying.

Our silicon diffuser is the styling tool for you.

  • Anyone with curly or coily hair
You would use the Mint To Be Peppermint Cowash as your regular shampoo replacement and the Come Clean Gentle Cleanser as a monthly clarifying shampoo replacement,
  • Anyone with fine or wavy hair¬†

Wavy and fine hair types would use the Come Clean Gentle Cleanser as their shampoo replacement and the Mint To Be Peppermint Cowash as a monthly clarifying shampoo replacement.

  • A family or household with more than one wave, curl or coil type

Ideal for the family with more than one hair type to share.

  • Anyone struggling with coarse hair, dry hair or build-up.

It contains the following:

  • 1 x Come Clean Gentle Cleanser
  • 1 x Mint To Be Peppermint Cowash¬†
  • 1 x The One & Only Creamy Conditioner
  • 1 x Curl Cr√®me
  • 1 x Microfibre Scrunching Towel
  • 1 x Universal Diffuser