Absolute Beginner

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"Loving the products and the satin pillowcase + microfiber towel, absolutely the best." - Yolande E.

Starting on your hair journey and wanting to transform your waves, curls or coils into their best, bouncy, juicy selves?  Or are you a family with different wave, curl or coil types?  Can you add frizzy bedhead to that mix?

Then the Absolute Beginner has you covered.

This is ideally for:

  • Anyone with curly or coily hair
You would use the Mint To Be Peppermint Cowash as your regular shampoo replacement and the Come Clean Gentle Cleanser as a monthly clarifying shampoo replacement
  • Anyone with wavy hair 

Wavy hair types would use the Come Clean Gentle Cleanser as their shampoo replacement. 

  • A family or household with more than one wave, curl or coil type

Ideal for the family with more than one hair type to share.

  • Anyone struggling with coarse hair, dry hair or build-up.
  • Anyone curly who battles with "bedhead" in the mornings.

This combo consist of everything you need to get going:

  • 1x Come Clean Gentle Cleanser
  • 1x Mint To Be Peppermint Cowash 
  • 1x The One & Only Creamy Conditioner
  • 1x Crème Da La Curl Crème
  • 1x Microfibre Towel
  • 2x Satin Pillowcases